Here behold the ramblings of a 20 something, sorting through the mess of his life as a Father, a Christian, a Musician, a Human & many other things. Nothing too fancy, but hopefully I can put some thoughts together that might challenge & inspire you or even just inspire myself. I’m a dad in my mid-twenties who obviously does’t have it all figured out. The things that get me up in the morning are:

  1. My God – The Lord provides all my needs, somehow. He never fails.
  2. My Family – What an incredible blessing to have them in my life.
  3. Music – For over 10 years of my life I’ve been sharpening my skills as an artist
  4. Coffee – I want to become an independent roaster. Someday. In the Future. Soon.
  5. Leadership – I’m super passionate about Leadership Development. You’ve got to want it.

These are a few things that make my world a stable place to walk. You could call them my core values. The lens through which I view all other things. Without them, except maybe coffee, nothing else really matters all that much.